If you are looking for a therapist that is a POC and/or queer you need not look further. I have friendly, casual style with a dash of directness. I primarily work with adolescents, adults and couples. My areas of focus include but are not limited to: Sexual Orientation/Gender Identification Issues, Trauma, Women's Issues, Substance Abuse, Family Counseling, Adolescent Issues, Stress/Anxiety, Depression/Mood Disorders, Co-dependency and Relationship Issues.

My Story

Sometimes life feels unmanageable. We try to reach our goals; however, encounter numerous obstacles. I believe we all have the power to progress, change, and grow. Sometimes talking with a professional helps to clarify the next step in that journey. As a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, I will work with you to explore your feelings, identify challenges to your ongoing success, clearly define your goals, and develop a plan to move forward. My approach is holistic, open, honest, and direct. Clients will be welcomed with an empathetic and respectful environment where you will receive support and encouragement..